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I’m asian


wow ,-.-, im part Asian, and i dont love math…



I did this with my head. And now there is a dent in the wall above my parents bed. ( I was bouncing, they have a bouncy bed ok?


wow, that great, lol


im getting anime posters in the mail on Thursday and im so freaking exited


my little sis is sick, she got to stay homeeeeeee, lucky, but at the same time not really bc she has been vomiting …im suprized im not sick , everybody has been coughing WITHOUGHT COVERING THEIR MOUTH witch triggerd the liveing poo out of me, bc they be contaminating the air. and the school librarian at school has been wearing a mask everywhere so that she dont get sick, lmao


Hope she feels better and I hope you don’t get sick but oof that seems unlikely…


ha, nah, i never get sick tbh
bc of that im prob gonna get sick, lol


@Someone45356 heres a realyyyyyyy good website for free anime


i was at school today and i asked my science teacher what his zodiac sighn was and he and some other girls where trying to guess mine and , ima let yall know im pretty psychotic at school in real life idk why and the teacher automatically baiced on my personalaty had thought i was a Scorpio and i said No. and he was like whaaaa??? and everyone knew my birthday was like in september, but baiced on my personalty no one had thought that i was a libra, and so they where like uve gotta b a viro , and i was like “No.” and they where so freaking suprized when they found out i was a libra, idk why but my zodiac sighn does not match once so ever with me, and tbh im much nicer on hopscotch than i am in real life belive it or not, lol


and some peolpe are like, People tend to be meaner online because people cant see you face bla bla bla, and i am like the complete oposite, like im not mean at school, im gest very intimidating , and can give off some wird vibrations,like how in animes their’s that one characrer that gives off that really dark vibration and gives u that cold stare where their about to murd.r someone, lol thats prob why noboby messes with me at school, lol, bc they know i dont take aneyones cr.ap , so yeah if aneything people would expect me to be a Scorpio, lol,






@GweTV did u watch hamilton yet?


Not yet.
I’ll do it tomorrow.




insert Seinfeld Theme here


omg, lmao


I gtg
Peace :v: