Art and stuffffffffffffff | isurehopeso's GT (LOL -WL)


I think I’m leo?

Idk what’s August 9’s symbol?


UMMmm wait a seck, I’ll search it up


yuppppppppppppp ur a leo


Also what is ur profile pic? Lol


It’s my cat, a victim of photoshop XD


I’m Gemini


It’s Lily




so i told my friend that chicken nugget story and she said “I almost choked lol tell her thank you the contribution to our lives”


omg i think i heard my long lost hamster running in the wallssssss omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmomgogmogmogmomgogmgomgomgomgomgomgomg
or it could gest be a squirl, idk, lol


Omgomgomgomg if you find her and you still have her cage…


Sorry, I must
Do it


@shiro hello friend dis is my GT why havent u been on latlyyyyyyy ??? also if u dont come to school tommorow ima spaaammmmmmmmmm u also haily will m.rder u , lol




That offends me as I love math. flag


Like dis post. If you have already, do it again.


@Hopscotcher , ok so i tryed to listen to u and do my hw, but i makes no scence once so ever and , yeah idk how to do it…:sweat_smile: so yuppppppppppp i have like im not even kidding 7 chemistry packets to finish…


um how do u love math??? i am sister shook




yup yup yup we all have opinion’s i suppose