Art and stuffffffffffffff | isurehopeso's GT (LOL -WL)


I don’t even know how I became one


sending m&ms


I’ve reached the maximum amount of likes nooooooooooooooooooooooo


Ikr but at least you don’t run out daily like I do lol.


I actually just ran out for 9 hours spamliking one of my forum friends on here XD


OK, so turns out I had to wait 7 min then I got 3 more likes to like people things I guess,lol


I’m libra, lol, but like all of them mixed into one


ladies and gentlemen, we have a new member of le libra squad.

(Hakkuu, you and I are in le squad)


O yesh
***** lasagna


Libra latiesssssssssssssssssssssssss, lol


Hi @isurehopeso


Hello , sorry I was at church with my grandma , lol


Lol. So what have u been up 2


We’ll, ive been watching the youtubesssss and my grandma made the prest bless me so, yup, lol


I’ve been throwing a basketball against the wall and counting how many times i can catch it


Sounds fun


Yup it is. Me and my sister are having a competition


HA, lol, how Mandy time have u so far?


50, and my neck hurts lol. My sis has 37 I thinks


50, dangggggggg, that’s determination right there,lol