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oof, i dont have very maney likes left


Same I already used up mine


"u got a population of 1.32 billion, but most of you vidoes don’t seam to hit even a million "

im too lazy to right the rest down, lol


im a regular, so it would take some loooooong time for mine to die lol.


we talked for 4 hours and i came outta that one unscathed like wise lol.


im gonna try to see if i can type the lyrics from memory lol.


We’ve been talking for a long time now


how do u even become a regular???


yeah, we have, lol


I am literally sooooo hungry :hamburger:


SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHHH i need to go to my grandmas to to go to her churchhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo i dont even like her hr long spanish church where everyone gudges me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Ok, bye. See u later!!!


byeeeeeeeeee :sob: :_(


ill be back though, i can log in on her ipad


Ok, I might be on l8ter


Within 100 days you gotta

  • read lots of posts
  • don’t get more than 5 flags (which is like impossible when you get randomly flagged for no reason biweekly)
  • like posts and be liked
  • don’t get suspended (which is hard to do unless 1) you have no grip on your emotions whatsoever or 2) you use bad words)


OK, I’m back , I was able to log in on my grandmas iPad , also, how do u get flagged ???


Click the three dots on someone else post and hit the flag if it gets flagged by two diffeeent people it gets hidden


See the three dots at the bottom of everyone’s post? Tap on that, there should be a flag icon. Tap that, and it’ll ask you why you’re flagging the post: is it spam? Is it inappropriate? Is it off-topic?
It’ll be flagged.

Once the post is flagged by two members or one regular, it’ll be hidden.


I wish I could have some right this minute