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ha, lol


Can I tell u a funny story




I think they’re siblings. And UnicornRainbow says TheDeliciousOrange is TheEnglishMuffin’s friend, but I thought TDO was in California so idk.


i though unicorn said that TEM was her brother


Ok… we had this visitor in our school. (He was inspiring us to follow or dreams or whatever)
Visitor: “You can be whatever you wanna be!”
Someone in my class let’s call him, C and C is sitting behind me
C: “I wanna be a chicken nugget man!!”
Visitor: “if you wanna be a chicken nugget man,

you be a chicken nUggET MaN”

I’m dying


lmao, ok, ima coppy and paist dis and send it to a friend real quick




Yeah TEM is.


ok, the deed had been done


Lol. Yeah I tried not to laugh but I burst out laughing and the dude was like “Be QUieT”


idk who i belive, hes like I DIDENT KICK HER, THATS NOT ME and she was like, he kicked me, and im lik SCREEEEEEEECHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH idk who to belive


ha ha, lol, bE qUiET


Yeah Me and my friend Laugh at literally everything
If somebody says “Y’all want some lasagna?”
We will be on the floor in tears


I’d say UnicornRainbow lol.


Y’all want some lasagna??





I’m ded


i constantly go on the pewdiepie vs tseries sub count and they play that song 24/7 lol.


yeah, lol