Art and stuffffffffffffff | isurehopeso's GT (LOL -WL)


nope. idk who to belive aneymore.


Oh, that’s too bad


it really is tho, lol


Why do we literally say ‘lol’ after everything we say?


my profile pic it litterly me right now


idk, lol






See what I mean. My mom isn’t even mad that I spilled juice


ha, lol


In fact I Just texted her to see what we are having 4 dinner


u have a phone?lol


Yeah, but it’s rlly old. I’m surprised it still works. It’s a Samsung. Oh we r having chicken dip I guess. Lots of chicken 2day


i dont even have a phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i wish i did, my dad wont even give me his old phone that does work :<


well atleast that u dont have an apple phone that give’s the government ur info, like what u say every second of the day



I mostly just play games on it but I can call people, text people, FaceTime all that Jazz. It’s like my dad old phone.


do u know who shane dawsin is???


Shane Dawson is cool


Yesh who doesn’t


idk, did u watch his one hr and 40 min vid that came out a couple of days ago

it was so freaking gooood