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Yah i just dislike the app becuz it’s just so weird…

I am so hungry

I can’t get the juice off of the couch


wanna take a break, im hungry too , ima check the fridge to see if the sushi is still alive, lol


soak the juice up with a towel or something, lol


Lol. I have no sushi in the fridge because my mom threw it out


oh no,lol, did it go old?


Well, I kinda forgot about it… oops. I uh, I regret it


yes, i also regret for you, lol


Now my mouth is watering and I keep picturing the sushi getting thrown away.
Rip sushi I got from the freezer in Walmart


omg, lol


Yah my sister is actually happy about it so that proves she is crazy


u need to take ur sis to a meantal instatute, lol


Ok why are we talking about taking my sister to a men.tal hospital because she hates sushi?


i dont know, lol,


OMMGG HOLY PICKLES i got back into my Hopscotch Account


Omigosh yayayayyayay!!


ha, lol


The Hopscotch team sent me an email back with a password
I went dancing across my room like the time I threw my iPad trying to get it on my bed but instead it fell against the bar and fell and it didn’t break!! YASSSS




Me when it’s my birthday


haha, lol, it dident work that time, lmao