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Ok I got to go now I might be on tommorow


ok, when u come back tommorow ill have more ideas for dishes for the resturant


Ok I will probably be on at like 3:30 Wisconsin timezone, and maybe in the morining


im tireddddd i when to sleep at 12:something and woke up at 6:00
i want to go back to sleep but i can because im in home room ;-;




yes big oof indeed


Sometimes people get confused and say “what… why are you saying ‘of’?”
Like what


and u know what tecionaclly sushi is vegaterian , so i could eat it BUT SHE STILL DIDENT LET ME GET ANEY tbh i freaking hate lent


No offense but I don’t have a religion


Idk if this off.ends anyone if it does sorry, but I don’t have a religion


I’m a Christian, so we can eat meat


Idk what it’s called but my dad believes in god. I guess if I don’t believe then I’m an atheist if I’m correct. Idk anything about religion.


Yeah lol. Also my dad is a Christian or something like that


Oh. My dad just didn’t teach me religion or force me to go to church I guess.


ur luck my grandma jest took her ipad from me because i dont want to go to church, or that my grades arent all A´s


i have better grades than most of my friends , like what the heck, it isent fair , none of my friends parents dont care, or jest dont pressure them to get good grades, unlike my gradma, she gets super upset jest because i have a B or a C, im trying, some people jest dont have the smarts


Hi. I finally got off the bus


I’m trying to load my Xbox but my internet is so slow


well that socks