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I spose so lol I also made a pet game once


also…how do u even code food???


Trail art or just use objects


Lol do you have the hopscotch app


Trail art.

And coding’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.


hmmmmmmmmm intersenting , but my foods pretty random sooooo…


The restaurant has a menu of food with strange things.

still getting burning of nail polish out of mouth and cloth from teeth


tru dat


ha, lol, i know my food is so delishouse


Yes @tankt2016 try some


Ooh sure
eats mmmmmmm


yes yes its fish blended with corn syrup , then chopped up stuffed animal and nail poilsh , isent it jest lovely


Yes very lovely meal


so, how does it taist? delishious , am i right or am i right




oh yes, now id say i did a job well done


Yes. We need some more recipes for the restaurant




i have an idea for a drink we can have milk bubble tea, but instead of boba we put in caviar with some glitter nailpolish to look pretty


we can also have a dish of hair with some blended ovacado , but this time we use nail polish REMIVER instead or regular nailpolish then we garnish it with some shreaded chalk and lime with a cup of salt in it to give it even more of a zing to go with the nailpolish remover