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Yes. Very good meal 10/10 would recommend to all.


although my head is starting to hurt, hmmmm wonder what i eaght earlyer today, i cant possably my home cooked meal


well we must start a resturant


and we will have the customers sighn a waver befor they eat so if they do get sick we dont jet suied…jest in case


Yes. What shall be the name of this restaurant


isurehopeso & Over_powerd_wizard1´s fancy flavorful cuisine


Very good name. Also sorry for my name being so hard to type I don’t know why I didn’t do OverPoweredWizard1


ha, lol, nah its fine over_powerd_wizard1 looks cooler


I spose it’s cool lol


omg it would b neat if we made a topic that was an auctall imaginary resturant


Yes. But wouldn’t it be flagged as spam? We would have to make it a topic where people can request food.


Coded pics of food maybe.


I can’t code well good


what is that?


Nah I doubt that.


Pixel art food or trail art or coded art


I make tappers for coding


This is a coding forum so why not code the food? In the app (if you have it)? You prob won’t get flagged as spam then.


Tappers are cool!


i dont know how to code or what codeing is…big oof