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ooh, then how come u dont have one? my mom is a cathlioc and dad is a Buddhist, but he still goes to curch with her, idk why, lol, he can also still have meat, : ( lucky


Oh. My dad just didn’t teach me relijin or force me to go to church I guess.


u lucky My mom/grandma MAKES ME, they dont let me have a choice its not fairrrrrrrr ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


a lobster


lobster dipped in guacamole and smotherd in honey


mix mix mix mix mix mix mix wala delicious


Ok is that what you ate


What’s happening I’m confused


corn sirup with jest a tad bit of fish , now we blend BLURRRRRRRRR blending noises now we throw that in a bowl chop up some stuffed animal and caramele and pumken pie


Ok cool sounds good.


but my secreat ingreadent is …Nail polish , gives it a tad bit of zing to it


Sounds zingy.


go ahead try some places boul infront of you


Mmmmmm tasty. literraly burns tastebuds off from nail polish


well, how does it taist? try it, i put alot of effort into it




yes i knew it! delishious!!! i didnet try aney though, i wanted it to be a surprise for me and you, now my turn to try


eats a spoonfull ooh yes, i can defaently taist the nail polish, and the stuffed animal gives it a very nice texture
burns a hole in stomach from nail polish


pulls piece of cloth out of mouth so that’s what that was


yes yes very nice , adds texture to it to minamulize the burning stomach pain