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Violence is never the answer


ive auctally been veru very close to doing that bc a kid was spraying me with a water bottle and I TOLD HIM TO STOP and i grabed his leg and was so freaking close to fliping him over, but then my brain told me ¨do you really want to get in trouble¨ so i let go


Ok I got to go eat dinner now


Oh wait no only like less than 10


Well, maybe do you get suspended at least you can get out of school


yeah when i told my dad he said i sould have, i regret not doing that now


lol, my dad was raised to be pretty tough, he was in the milatary, so he would not have had a problem with me doing that


Ther will be a time when the opportunity is presented. Gtg eat dinner now


ok, and when it comes ill b ready. ok byeeeeeeee


Ok I’m back but I might have to go in a little bit. I had marinated chicken and potatoes for dinner


u lucky sometimes i really dont like being cathlioc *no offence to cathliocs


i cant eat meant on wendssays and fridays till easter : (


Ok. Wait does chicken have something to do with catholics


Oh it’s a meat thing.


You do Wednesdays too?

My family only does Fridays


yeah i REALLY REALLY want some meat right now


u luck its only 1 day a week , i have two : (
oh well i mean, she jest dident want to go get aney


Oh lol. I don’t have a religio.n


oh, do u celabrate easter? or christmass? or other things, oh wait nvr mined, i have a friend who dont have one as well and he still celebrates it jest 4 fun, also u said u got calone/soap/otherthings for christmass earlyer


My dad is a Chris.chian or something like that so he believes in g.o.d