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i mean one guy was wearing a really strong colone, and so the other asked what kind of calone he was wearing , then i asked, the he ancerd, thats the shabang


Lucky I’ve got like 20 rn (at least counting small ones)


lol, i know wright! some of the boys be like ´´MAN UP´´ me- ur not a man.


big oof


What’s a shabang?


the whole thing


All the boys who think they are cool wear cologne and smell awful!! They also try to talk like each other, and sound so weird. Literally, we are born barely over a decade ago.


What? I’ve only gotten a few big and small ones


Wow, idk what’s different about me. Maybe I’m just not in my pimple prime. My older sis got like 30 million across her head


YEAH , like my dad wears it someimes and im like how much did u put on? hes like 2 sprays me- that is not correct

idk i must have the nose of a dog, everone elce is fine with it


Yeah I’ve only got like 5 big ones but I do have early acne so


i started gettting acnee in 6th grade


My one friend has that too. She started getting hers at the end of second grade


Lol honestly tru. But I don’t want to get pimples I just want to not be a kid and also get bigger b cuz the kids at my class are like 5ft 6 and I’m like 5ft 2


At least the boys are 5ft 6. But a lot of girls are tall in my class and a few of them are taller than me


my boy the girls are like 5 something ft and im 4´11 …i think or 4, people like to underestamate me…ill show them, ill prob break one day and get in a fight


I’m 5’7 and almost 13. I’m just tall and stick out like a sore thumb. The only thing is, I can act like I’m older because of my height, but my face shows that I’m literally only 12 and a half


well its better than someone asking you how tall you are then someone ece yell SHORT


…yes its happned…im prob gonna snap like a stick one day and be.t someone up


Nah, the whole “how tall are you” thing gets pretty tiring. Literally, everyone in my family is tall so idk. I’m taller then my older sister tho, and she’s a legal adult!