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I got one in my hairline


Same with acne cream and deodorant except acne stuff never works for me.

Even when I smother my forehead with a half inch think layer of face wash lol


I have never tasted deodorant. i do not recommend tasting deodorant


Same, that’s why I don’t use them. I also rarely get pimples, they only like to visit on special occasions


but what if its the all naturall deodorant


The all natural deodorant is really just advertising. I mean, all of that stuff has to be processed


Idk. I use axe or speed stick, so it would probably be extremely chemically


yes im sure it would be, lol


I used cologne for a couple of days, but it was adidas and had no smell barely


At least I don’t use a gallon of it like some guys do at my school


oh, lol, yeah the good stuff can be reall freaking expensive


Oof, at my school they don’t like it when all me ladies wear perfume and it smells strong. Alternative are lotion and Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer


yeah the boys where like ¨what kind of calone do u where¨ and im like why do u like callone , and he said be its actractive… me-i dont like calone. too strong


Yeah. For Christmas one of my presents was a box of adidas hair body and face soap, all in one. Also it had a big bottle and a small bottle. And a bottle of cologne and a spray bottle.




I have never smelled a girl wearing cologne


All i see is boys trying to be “men” and wear gallons of cologne thinking they will smell better. laughs hysterically thinking about the boys trying to be “men”


??? im confused, lol


Don’t ask me I’m confused to.


Lol all the football kids wear it. Or the kid who wants to toughen up