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I’m glad I don’t have a massive zit on my nose. This one person at my school has one on their nose. I honestly would be so embarrassed




My first pimple was like a year ago on my face


But now I just had a big one under my nose


would i be weird if i said my first pimple um my knee…I WAS 8 OK …i liked rolling around in the dirt


Omg, I had one underneath my lip it was torture. Every time I opened my mouth it HURT


dang that must have sucked


Yeah, it took like a week to go away.


if i where u i would have picked on it, lol, but im probably gonna get scars now…


My first pimple was on the back of my hand


Oh. None of my pimples hurt


I did, but my mom told me not to and just put toothpaste on it. I also heard that deodorant works, but why put something that goes in your pits on your zits?


It was in, that one. Others I just don’t like sitting on my face


wow we both have equally weird zit placemints, lol



Wouldn’t that be sticky lol?


Hey that rhymes! Deodorant doesn’t sound good for zits tho.


Wow lol the weirdest one I’ve gotten was in my ear. Repeatedly.


yeah on ur lip to ew, that would prob taist like chemicals lol


You have to rub it in, it’s so weird. The toothpaste dries it out


oh yeah, those ones sock bc u dont knotice them till they hurt