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Lol. My house is all basically accessible from the kitchen




did u read my posts from an our ago nvrmined three lol, ? it tells u how my best friend betraid me SCREEEEECHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh


Idk what happened but ok


so, i was in art class by the sink to get a wet paper towel to clean up my HUGE oil pastel mess i made, anyways, so all of a sudden i hear my name getting called by my friend in the door way where she was about for abou 0.3 seconds till she booked it because lo and behold SHE WAS STANDING BEHIND MY CRUSH BEFORE SHE RAN so me and my cruch made eye contact for about 5 seconds…AND I CANT EVEN REMEMBER WHO BROKE THE STARE like what the heck


sorry i was gon for a bit my mom made me eat eggs and rice , all i wasnt is sushiiiiiiii


Ohhhh. I don’t eat sushi but rice sounds good


eggs on top of rice is good but in my persional after 13 years of it, it starts to lose its taistyness


So you were fed rice and eggs as soon as you were born?


Like you got no baby food just eggs and rice?




ha ha ha, u know what i mean


it was good for a while, idk what happend i jest stopped likeing it after a while


hey do u have acnee? bc i do and i despise it


ive been drinking my 8 cups of water a day, maby even more, and it was doing good for a while…then it all came back


I don’t have much acne but I h.ate the few pimples on my face


I have not much acne just oily skin


Ohhhh yeah and no acne product has actually been working well


better than zits


yeah same