Art and stuffffffffffffff | isurehopeso's GT (LOL -WL)


art stufffff, im new so this is my first topic thing, hope it goes well, lol


i dont know how aney of this stuff works, like how to post or aneything soooooo, yep, help is needed :sweat_smile:


You know how to post. You’ve done it 2 times.


Hey. Welcome to the forum.
tag me as @A_Metalhead if you need anything.

Also I recategoriezed your gt and added the gt bit to the title - people would think it’s a drawing topic or something otherwise


no, i mean, like how to post pictures


Oh. In the menu when you post something, there’s a little icon that looks like a picture. Tap on it.


ok, ill try thank you


well, im trying to make a drawin topic, but ive latterly onley been here for like 2 days:sweat_smile:


Hehe well there’s alreay a drawing topic. LazyLizard, Smishsmash and Onnie are the only ones that can make them so don’t try. (People will get really mad if you do, probably)

I’ll tag you there
Edit : Wait nvm you found it


Ello welcome to the forum
Its okay here


Hey welcome to the forum! Let me know if you have any questions! :blush:


Welcome to the HS forum!
Tag me (@GweTV) if you need anything
Also (meme time): Ya like jazz?
I am also known as the Meme Lord of the forum


Hello There! Welcome to the Forum! I joined recently too!
You can tag me with @ThatEnglishMuffin if you need anything.


Hi! Welcome to the forum! Tag me or come on my gt if you need anything!


Hi @isurehopeso I’m @TheDeliciousOrange need help? Contact me today!
P.S. I needed an excuse to add cat photos so HERE WE GOOOO


El gatto es muy bonito.


Check #faq for info, or ask @tankt2016
Welcome to the forum too!


image image

Ok, here is random, not recent art I have done!


Welcome to the forum!
If you need any help feel free to ask me!


omg, im srry i dident know, im stuped, i thought that aneyone could so aneything, srry
i was goona respond earlyer but it said i couldent bc theirs a certain amount of times i can post bc im new, and that id half to wait 3 hrs to post agen
still tho, srry i dident know people would get upset, i dont want to aggravate anyone, thx 4 the head up tho