Art and Coding are both important


so, I saw this project by somebody who's name I won't reveal, but basically it was based of the idea that hopscotch was for coding and art was taking over it.

Art and coding are both important, and it saddens me that somebody would think that one is a better part of hopscotch then the other.
What do you think?


If there was no art on Hopscotch, there would be no point in making drawing pads! But whoever that person is, that is their opinion about art.


I think they're fine as long as you code like a drawing pad to do art on and projects in between. :wink:
But Hopscotch was made specifically for coding, but I don't mind art.
And please take out "_______". It's very offensive.


I agree! Artists sometimes make their own pads which is complex coding to some hopscotchers :D


Okay. I'm sorry. I didn't realise it offended you.


Actually, it could offend other people, your post could get flagged, and/or the topic would get closed. It only slightly offended me. And thanks for taking it out!


Your welcome, i'm new to the forum and don't understand all the rules of it yet. I should be thanking you!


Just remember to make all posts, friendly to everyone! You don't want to offend anyone!

On the topic of art and coding, both are important to the community! Artists code art pads and trail art things!