Art Account For Gilbert189?


I feel like people want more Hopscotch art from me. So should I make an art account?

It would not only be art. It would also have shoutouts and text art!

  • Totally!
  • Whatever you want!
  • No.



Anyone have an opinion?


Yes!! Totally!! Woo ho!


Don't get me wrong, I love your art, but maybe actually do art only once in a while. There has been a lot of art on Hopscotch recently, and I think you should do this, just not like a ton everyday is what I'm saying!


You could name it: GilbNonymous

Lol just kidding


Yeah! I agree. Okay, I'll make an account? Name suggestions?


GilbertPalogan (however you spell it)


I made it! The username is "JustAnotherArtist". I'm gonna go get my stylus!




Two questions:
-Which draw pad should I use?


Yes! Do requests! You can use my Smiley Pad if you want!!! It has 71 colors, and smooth and invert and some other stuff


You should've done Gilbert190 that would be funny xD


Or Gilbert198.:joy::wink::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:


Gilbert 1, gilbert 2, gilbert 3... (a few moments later) gilbert 189, Gilbert190...

Are you the 189th copy of Gilbert?


Is PopTart0219 the 219th copy of PopTart?



No... We know how PopTart got her name, it was a date. But I never learned about Gilbert's. (He might've said it, I didn't pay attention)



the biggest mystery of off topic




He liked the name Gilbert, and I think the numbers 189 intrigued him.

Also, is a date. It didn't go anywhere :wink:


Maybe you should just do art on your regular account...