ARMTL Idea? (Art Related Mass Tag List)



I won’t leave it anonymous if it’s me




Why not? I love you. I hope you never be Annoymous (IDK how to spell it)


who else ships smurfy x aariv


Definitely not
No shipping


yes shipping

is my profile hidden now btw


No shipping
Otherwise it will be a bad gobli


I am already a bad gobli


I have mentioned this before here:

And I personally think that this is a really good idea! If somebody just can maintain it and make sure that it is used properly.

On the topic I linked above, I mentioned some tag lists that already exist. However, I think that we might have to create a new one this time though.


I think so too, if we make a new one. Most of the people on that old one probably aren’t even active anymore.




I wasn’t talking about you


Related image


yes i am anti art on the app*, mostly because art overtook the app. in small concentrations it’s fine and new and innovative art pads are good, but using hopscotch for the sole purpose of posting art is kind of idiotic

i think the art topic is fine because it’s just one topic. the majority of the topics excluding general topics are hopscotch related so i think the art topic is fine to stay.
*by anti art i mean drawing, not pixel or trail art


Finally, another fellow anti artist.
Yes, I agree with you.


This idea has been debated before, and I am for it! All of the “anti-art” people on the forum would actually like it, whether they know it or not.

It would keep the art topics sort of away from their side of the forum and towards a different side, which could kind of stop flame wars and fights. I like this idea!!!


Yes, it’d stop the omtl from being tagged on art topics.


That is true as well, omtl would not be tagged on all art topics, and people wouldn’t get mad over being tagged.

Also, another thing to add is that when people sign up to omtl, they are committing to being notified over ALL topics, whether that is under the category of art, or a project update, or an idea. So, it anyway really isn’t their place to get frustrated over getting tagged, because they are the ones that signed up for it in the first place.