ARMTL Idea? (Art Related Mass Tag List)

What if we had an ARMTL?

Art Related Mass Tag List?

When I posted an art contest and tagged the OMTL, someone (whom I will leave anonymous) didn’t like me using the OMTL for a contest I posted in the drawing topic.
So why not make an ARMTL?
To be tagged when someone wants an art contest, club, or challenge to get noticed: an OMTL for art, basically!
(I mean, seriously, lots of art contests barely get any participants. Artists want their contests to be noticed!)

It could have similar rules to the OMTL: no overusing or misusing, remove yourself if you leave, only use it for things others can contribute to, etc.
Some things it could be used for:

  • Art clubs, challenges, or contests
  • If anyone wants to create an art tag list
  • Art-related topics (such as artsy forum games)
    But maybe it shouldn’t be used for each drawing somebody adds to the drawing topic…
    It wouldn’t be used as an art tag list that someone would tag each time they post art.

What do you guys think?

  • I think it’s a good idea!
  • Maybe, there are some pros and cons…
  • No, I don’t think we should make an ARMTL.

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@Ana @Liza @Rodrigo @omtl (sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged)

By the way, don’t change the category, it should stay in #meta-forum.


Make a poll. I’m not sure.

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It’s been talked about a lot before. I believe it’s a great idea.


I don’t remember that…

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it’s not coding related and, even though there is a large art community on the forum, i don’t think it’s a good idea


I think it’d be better to just tag your friends/internet acquaintances, instead of having a whole mass tag list for art.

It’d also get overused, like the OMTL.


Yeah, like an art tag list, I see what you mean…thing is, it’s hardnto start a tag list.

I can see that too.

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Hmm…I had made a topic on this, and I agree with @AwesomeNachos here. Not everyone would use it properly and (no offense to anyone here) not everyone would want to see art of people who keep tagging it, if you get my point. There are others who may want to see only the art by a specific person. So I’m basically saying, it’s a good idea but it might not work out for everyone.

Here’s a link to my topic:



That’s me

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No offense.


But, there is a dedicated art topic, and it was approved by @Liza herself I’m pretty sure. It’d make no sense not to make this tag list!

Why would I take offence may I know

Are you anti art on the app?
Agreed, but there’s an art topic…

I don’t know either.

Doesn’t it already exist


I don’t think so, except maybe for an old one…

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And that’s the old one.

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Art is fine and I have nothing against it, but I feel that both the forum and the app would lose some focus on its main point: coding.


way to leave it anonymous