#ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Club



It kinda seems as if there are a lot of these going around the forum, with about the same concept, maybe sbyp? Not to be rude but just saying. It seems like the idea was there and seems cool, except we already have a lot of these.


Ima gonna join as a basic member! Bought coffee for the person behind me!


Ok according to him there will be challenges tommorow for you guys to conpletee


I always call It RAK Random Acts of Kindness


can i join too please?


Here is an example

Which is basically the same concept, but without the little prizes.

So kinda the same idea, which is to just being nice!
Like, it’s fine if you think that this whole ARK thing is different then the others, I just believe that it’s the same. Really the only thing that seporates this from th others is the point system, which really anyone can do. No offense so sorry if I come off mean, but I’m just saying.


I’ll do this! It looks awesome!


This sounds terrific!
Can I join?


HAPPY NATIONAL KINDNESS DAY EVERYONE!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Say kind things here!

members and their levels

Points: 10

Points: 10

Points: 10

Points: 10

Points: 10


@Hopscotcher is a great coder who is good at complex math- GweTV
@Fizzy_27 an amazing artist and great friend
@tankt2016 this club is totally awesome, well done! I love the concept! Silvery


@Hopscotcher is a great coder who is good at complex math


Hmmm… Example please?


Sine & Cosine
Elo System in Chess
(Other than that, I don’t have specific examples)


A lot of people know sine and cosine. The Elo System isn’t really complex math. I just took it from a video explaining it.




Not a lot of people know sine & cosine


Yes. A lot do.


Newbie coders?
People who don’t know sine & cosine?
People who don’t like math?
honestly idk


Yes I am one of those people who don’t like to do cosine I tried and failed. I’m a newbie coder




I have only made tappers and at my best a take care of a pet game