Are you Super Bored?



Talk to me here if your bored. I have awesome things to discuss!!


Make sure those awesome things relate to hopscotch! XD

Also, welcome to the fourm!

Here's a link to the community guidelines. :D


Welcome to the forum, @HappyPerson! I'm glad that you joined our wonderful forum community!

When making a topic, make sure you follow these helpful rules!
-Be Kind
-Make sure that the topic you wish to create doesn't already exist
-Have the topic have a relationship to Hopscotch or the Forum
-Make your topic be helpful, encouraging, or something that will help yourself and others, and that premotes good behavior!

This topic doesn't exactly follow the rule of being Related to Hopscotch or the forum, so be sure to follow that rule next time you create a topic!

If you have any questions or need help, ask! You can put a sign like this: @ in front of my username, and it will send me a notification so I can help you right away! All you have to do is write: @SmileyAlyssa!

I like your username, by the way! I love happiness!

I hope you have fun here on the forums! :smile: