Are you good at coding?


whelp, I coded that when I first started HS.

when I had hope and motivation for coding.



Hope? Never lose hope on HS…I almost had…then I got trending…then rising…then featured.


thanks haha


I’m pretty sure I am - having 14 features (;-;) and a game changer is cool, I guess…




No I am the worst at coding ever


well sometimes code is repeated. You still created something out of codes


I’m bad. Even though I just got feature.


Why is this my number one topic? Why?


I don’t care about coding

I don’t even have Hopsotch


Than why are you on a forum that was made to talk about hopscotch and coding?


Oooo so you’re only supposed to go on Forum if you have Hopsotch



I never said that I just asked why you were on here if you didn’t have it not that you should.


Because I can


uhhhhhhhhh ok I guess. Just at least try to contribute to the coding community while your here or else it’s just a waste of everyone’s time. And have fun!


I. Don’t. Code.

I don’t care about the coding community

Yeah I’m just here to waste time yeye


me to


yesh system, I have tried the like button


I think because she has friends here, she likes this place? I’m not starry though, just guessing.


Ok, you can have your own opinions about people here that don’t code or don’t have the app, but if it’s telling them to get out, that’s just a bit far.


ye hehe that’s meee lol