Are you good at coding?

  • Yes
  • No

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So what does it do?


woah, true magic.


Abracadabra! It Has been done! :slight_smile:


@MR.GAM3R @Maltese @Dude73 @BlackSeal @Petrichor…and everyone else who said no…WTH?!




Atually, we are ok. We can do art pads and stuff, but meh


what do you mean:( i just picked no cause that’s my daily motto why else did you think i picked it



also what does what do

what has been done


The magic has been done. Cmon guys, think of yourselves higher than me…


They changed the title to a question that can be answered by “yes or no”… the original name was like “forum magic trick” or something like that


Lol @DiamondSamuraiREAL, I see what you did.

@sophia71205 I think of myself as GREAT ;)


i saw the title

and thought



I’m fine…
Yeah, I haven’t done anymore than five minutes in a while…


XD…I was wondering how could you get first place in the summer contest and say you were bad at coding.

@photographer123, something you coded is on the featured challenges section…that’s pretty good


dude @DiamondSamuraiREAL ur awesome lol


Yeah, not the greatest at coding, I don’t really have the motivation or time to even try. Drawing is fine, pixel art is fine, but everything else I really don’t do well in.


Pixel art is code though


It’s repeated code, that’s basically placing down hundreds and thousands of the exact same rule. After the initial creation of the rules that form the pixels, it’s just repetition.


Dude your link on your profile is amazing :0