Are you ever too old for hopscotch?



Are you ever too old for hopscotch?

You're probably saying "no" right now because there are lots of adults that use hopscotch and they really like it! But some people might be leaving hopscotch because they are going to use more advanced coding. I mean, they can come back to hopscotch just to visit, but they're probably not gonna come back to code all day because they have to code more advanced stuff! I want to be a coder, so I will probably someday move on to advanced coding! Some people also might be getting a coding job! Well, if you're age is 0-15 you're probably not getting a job XD. Some people might just come back because they want to check out the community! So when someone says they're too old for hopscotch, please don't say that you're never to old for hopscotch. Other people might leave because of college! They have so many work, and they just don't have time for hopscotch.

What do YOU think?

  • 100% agree with you
  • yeah, I agree with you
  • I kinda agree with you
  • I don't agree with you
  • 100% don't agree with you


Please give more feedback, and thanks for reading! :D





^^^ thanks @Pingu XD


Great topic!!

I see a lot of people say this, but they don't actually understand why the person is leaving.

I 100% agree with you!!


I agree 122%!

Take it from me—I am OLD.


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I notice!!

Maybe I should start trade marking more of my stuff. XD


Sorry, I'm quitting hopscotch...
I have to work for PixelMaster64Polls™
jk XD


If you know me personally, you will know Thats true for me!

Im planning to learn java and python soon...


I'm going to make a coding company when I get older and get more busiennes skills.


Also that it's going to be a global wide company. So I will hire people that I don't know in real life but I will have a sky meeting calls.


I'm also going to leave when I make the company.


Lol and then realizing Funky63 was 50 something XD
But he was a construction worker I assume.,,
I feel like MP is like 18 or something


I thought you were gonna say he was 63 XD


Wow! Cool plans! :D


No offense intended at all, but I kinda disagree..
Leaving purely because of age? That's kinda crazy to me, and it just seems like you're only trying to look cool or whatever if you quit because of age (and age only)
However, with age comes responsibilities, like you said. You might get busier as a result of age, causing you to not have time to go on Hopscotch. That's a different story, something that is completely different from age.
So.. I don't think you're ever too old to not enjoy Hopscotch, but sometimes you're too old to have the time for it.

Who knows, this might be what you were saying all along and I just misunderstood it xD please don't be offended it's just my opinion


I'm not offended at all!
Thanks for sharing your opinion! :D

I was talking about how not age, but business and work can make you stop using hopscotch and move on to advanced coding. I'm not saying that if you're like 20, you should quit right away, because that would be kinda mean.


XD dat meme...

When people say that they are too old, just say, "You're never too old, but I understand your feelings and that you have to move on."


This topic is 2 hours old XD


Hey kvj I'm almost 18 but I only do hopscotch now for pixel art


Why? Cuz I'm bored and I want to get a scholarship in coding