Are you allowed to have General topics?



@SmilingSnowflakes said we are not allowed to have general chats so are we allowed to have a general topic ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I dunno


Votes are public.


Thank you goatlord for telling me ! :sunglasses:
Also to anyone else paticating in this vote !


Yep! There are many general topics! You can use them for showing your projects, chatting about HS, etc :D

But general chats aren't allowed :wink:


Thank you smash smash ! Are you on Hopscotch ?? Also, what is a HS?


@Silverdolphin HS stands for Hopscotch. THT is The Hopscotch Team.


I am on hopscotch :D

My username is Crazy_cake

What's yours? @Silverdolphin


Mine is Silver dolphin! I follow you ! Maybe you could follow me ?


Can you make a horse with one of your OC 's riding her ?


You don't really chat


I am not chatting ! :frowning: I am making a request for hopscotch ! :rage:


No I meant in general topics you don't really chat


This is not a general topic


No I'm just saying...


It is fine ! Please can you please let me do this talk


I'm really just saying that in general topics you don't chat.


I know ;:wink: Sorry if I was offending you ! I do not mean to !


No it's fine sorry if you thought I was saying rude stuff to you


No ! I did not ! Are you on hopscotch?