Are you allowed to communicate through google Docs?


I've been wondering.... Are we allowed to communicate through the docs? Because I saw that 'Get on the Docs Dude' topic but it's closed. So I'm not sure. I know there's a rule that ur not allowed to communicate out of the hopscotch forum but I'm not quite sure about this because I think some ppl do. Idk if they know the ppl IRL so yeah....
Please answer me


Nope, sorry. Docs was banned ages ago.




Bit off topic but, @GoatLord can you help with the drawing and colouring mechanism?


In the collab?
Im an idea person tho


Oh, okay. Never mind.


Anyway hasta luego i have to go to bed now
Excursion tomorrow. (We have to be there by 5:45 am)




REVIVE! I'm only reviving because I'm asking a question.
Why aren't we allowed to use the docs?


Something bad happened on docs, plus you can share things unmoderated, like personal info.


Oh, ok