Are we aloud to put a pic we drew of ourselves as our profile pics?


Hi. I have a question. Are we aloud to draw a pic of ourselves and put it as our profile picture? Just wondering.


Yeah! As long as it's not your actual face or if you could tell who it is just by looking a it :wink:


It isn't that realistic or anything.


Then sure! :D


Yeah, if it's not incredibly realistic, to the point where it looks like a photo, I'm pretty sure it's okay! Lots of people have drawings of themselves as their profile picture!


If you drew it, then yes
Otherwise, no


I'm too lazy to draw​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


what if someone else draws you and you set it as your pic :stuck_out_tongue:

@Goobrgrlrye it should be just fine!! i drew myself for my profile pic, for example :D


If it's not a real photo it's fine
Unless you are the best artist in the world
In which case you have to mess up your artwork


Like Leonardo da Vinci?


Well, I certainly am NOT the best artist in the world. I have tried to draw a realistic person, but their eyes look like fish eyes and their noses look like pig noses. XD


I guess


Yeah your allowed! You can't track someone down with a non realistic (anime Chibi manga Kawaii) photo..

If it's so realistic it looks like a real photo, then no!


Is it easy to tract someone with:
-A nickname
-A Bithdate
-An Age
-Description of themselves (not specific)
I guess that's all!
Wait... Let me think
Oh wait here's more:
-Country and city


It's easy to track you with your city (unless it's NYC or something) but everything else is ok!

And with the nickname thing, it's also ok to share your FIRST name...unless your name is Felinamina or something that is really unique!


My first name is really unique. But my nickname is super common. So a city in Indonesia is easy to be tracked down


My name is Felinamina. :frowning: