Are we allowed to share scratch accounts? [YES, YOU CAN AT YOUR OWN RISK]


Can you speak english please? I understood 50% of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Lightningstrike, as long as it's not monitored by THT, they don't like people communicating outside the forums. MIT has it's own forums as well I believe and people can communicate there away from THT's sight.


that was complete English just broken up into a couple of lines.

what if. we made. a pm. because then. stuff will be private. and people. can share. accounts




that would

be against

the rules

and people can communicate through scratch.


...making a pm is against the rules? wow never knew that


No. Letting people share Scratch accounts.


wouldnt it be easier to ask THT…?

Official Scratch Topic

Scratch does have a commenting system, and people could easily chat in others' profiles which could be unsafe, but it's monitored by the Scratch Team. Liza said that we can't communicate outside of the forum because "it's not moderated". Scratch is moderated by the Scratch Team, but I'm not sure if @Liza meant communication had to be moderated specifically by the Hopscotch Team or any trusted moderator.

So... I'm not sure.


It's awesome that leaders have different opinions and can nicely discuss them :slight_smile: This is the point of having a group of leaders—no one person's opinion is always right. We need to learn from each other and talk through hard decisions.

Saying this is a leader war isn't nice or helpful, so please don't say that.

@Kiwicute2016 is right that you're not allowed to share your usernames for other platforms because we have no idea what goes on their and you might run across some bad stuff.

In this case, though, I don't think we need to ** prohibit ** sharing scratch accounts because a) it's another awesome coding site and if you want to collab there, that's cool; and b) it is moderated.

THAT SAID: if you share your Scratch account, you are 100% responsible for what happens. Sharing your scratch account is a choice you should make with your parents.

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Too many General Topics?
What exactly is communication outside of the forum?
Just to clarify :D

:clap: Liza has spoken posted!

Thanks for clearing it up!!


Ah, ok. I see. It's just after the docs incident(s), I've become very wary of what happens to people outside of our sight. As I have mentioned many times before, people use other sites to communicate outside of the forums, posting their names, faces, and such, and I wouldn't like something like the email sharings to happen again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for clearing this topic up @Liza

There was a friendly debate going on and I was like which one is tru.


Totally! That was a hard lesson, and I think we all saw why communicating outside the forum can be bad for the community.

Our rules and community guidelines set the general standards for the forum. They're a reference point.

Sometimes, like with this question, we have to also use our judgement and consider how they should should be applied in a given problem.

This is why decision making is so hard! There isn't always a clear right or wrong answer, and with time we get better at figuring out how to come to the best decision, taking into account both the rules and our experiences/judgement.


I learnt 2 new things today on the forum!
• we are allowed to share our scratch accounts !
• we always need an adult like @Liza to finish an argument properly !


Hehe, I don't think that's entirely true :slight_smile:

There are plenty of discussion that you guys resolve on your own (and you should!). I think you guys would have come to the same agreement as I did.

Sometimes there are bigger questions about how the forum should operate where it's good to have THT weigh in. I get a baijllion tags a day, so it's not always easy to figure out where I'm most needed. I'm thinking about a better way to figure this out...any suggestions?

Liza's question (Senpai made a topic about it though )

Maybe, there could be tags for more important problems. If you saw someone tagging you in a "Bull.ying" topic, you'd probably go there first instead of a "Funny Joke" topic. You could look at the tags first, and decide. :smile:

There could also be 'Importance Levels!' It could be sort of like the tags at the top of a topic. But, people would probably just use the "Most Important" tag even when it's not that important just to get their post seen quicker. :frowning:


First option
It's very hard to organize when u are "popular".
My best friend had something like a forum and they were a mod so they were popular. What they did was they made another account where they serf around hopscotch but they other forumers don't know.


Make ranks like @Snoopy said !
But we don't know if hopscotchers can state the right rank .

Third option

We have to ask discourse for this however, maybe we should be able to see the tags on the topic in your notifications ?

4th option make filters

5th option
First reply to the ones that are in the help category or the bag category and then reply to the ones in the lounge and then the Collab category

Sth else not ot (on_topic)
First thanks @Liza for replying to my post.
Second tagging my friends with full of ideas @Maltes @Smishmash @Pingu @KVJ @PopTart0219 @Nerd4EverdASnowman @Intellection74 @Kiwicute2016 @Snoppy oh he's already here never mind
@PopTart0219. What are your ideas sry if you didn't wanna be tagged but this is nesecery.

How do I spel necessary or sth again ahh my grammar

statement edited some things


@Liza I can see u ...


@SmilingSnowflakes @Pingu ?

What do u think since u are on


I'm not really sure...

I think they should be allowed to, but if anything happens, it's not THT or HS's fault.
^^^ kinda what the title says. XD


Nono nonononononononononononononononononono I meant @Liza's problem since @Maltese is here can u reply too ?

This was my opinion btw

What do u guys think ?