Are we allowed to share scratch accounts? [YES, YOU CAN AT YOUR OWN RISK]


So this question has been bothering me for a while!! And @Kiwicute2016 had replied to someone that HS does not moderate on there therefor she thinks it may not be allowed. But then we remember that scratch also has a scratch team that can keep us safe on there and moderate everything that's happening so its safe! :slight_smile: Plus that website is for sharing projects like hopscotch your not sharing personal info of yourself on there!! So concluding all my point i think it is safe and we would be allowed to share scratch accounts!
But before we are too sure we should ask @Liza what she thinks!
What are your opinions?? write them down hopscotchers!!


@Kiwicute2016 told me we can't, because I had a scratch studio. Even tho it's monitored. Oh well, she's just trying to keep us safe! :upside_down:


Scratch is also moderated as well, so I think it's okay! I know a lot of hopscotchers on Scratch, and follow them! They also follow me! :slight_smile:


I dont think so. It still counts as communication outside the forum. Even if they have a team like THT.
Even though it's moderated doesn't mean something bad couldn't happen to a hop!


THT, can we share scratch accounts?

@Liza @Rodrigo @meg


yes if you read the top you should see that Scratch is also monitored by alot of leaders/ adults!!


Kiwicute said we can't.


But, Scratch isn't social media. Does that mean I can't even follow Hopscotchers or comment on their projects? That's really a big feature in Scratch.


Yes, but kiwicute said unless it's monitored by the THT, we can't use it.

I don't make the rules, I just follow them.


Well saying that nothing bad as just getting hacked on scratch and the same thing happens in hopscotch !!
And there are adults to help??


Also, all I do is follow + comment. Really, all my comments are just, "Cool project! I like how you used a ____ block to reduce lag!"


Ok i wont share mine until we for sure get an answer from @Liza


That is true.

It has happened on hopscotch. Hops can join scratch, but I don't think they should be chatting with eachother. I think it's ok if they follow eqchother. It's really up to THT.

Also hacking isn't the only thing that could happen, there's bullying too.
And what if when it happens the adults aren't there to stop it, I don't know scratch well.


Click this link and read all the stuff kiwicute said about scratch :blush:


Hacking and bull.ying is also on Hopscotch. I've shared my Scratch Account, but I haven't got in trouble...


agreed but bull.ying cant really happen because A LOT of words are blocked


Well i didint make this topic to argue XD so i am gonna try not to because i made this topic so everone could see if it really is allowed or not


We aren't arguing :D

This is a friendly debate we are having :D
The teams word is final. I'm not saying I'm right or wrong :D

I really don't know :)


I like to talk with people on there, besides hopscotch, but yes its allowed


XD yep!! i want to get an answer from @liza and then we will be for sure!!