Are we allowed to share our roblox?


Are we allowed to share our roblox as long as we don't communicate ? Just play games? Is it our choice?

Some smart ppl I know of



It's still communicating

I think IDK


Does roblox have some sort of coding in it? I think it's fine. You could probably even communicate there if you wanted to.


Roblox has nothing to do with coding.


Probably not

It's communication outside the fourm and things could happen to you.

Idk I know nothing


U can play games and stuff
u could also code games

And we could communicate if we wanted to but it's not tht's faukt because it isn't on the forum, right?


Oh what is it


We are not allowed to share accounts for different things on the forum.


It's a game where people create games but not in a "coding" way.


U just basically play games but it is possible to code


Yeah, it's not THT responsibility if something happens to you on roblox, it's your fault.


Well, technically you can't do with Instagram for example, but you are allowed to share scratch accounts. I assume it's the same with roblox?

And I'm not going to outright say communication is ok on roblox, but you have the persons account, you could communicate....


I don't think so...

Also thanks for the tag! :smiley:


Yesh I get what ur saying

I don't want to get in trouble but at the same time, if we did communicate then it's not tht's responsibilities


No problem

But how come scratch is allowed?


Scratch is moderated similarly to HS.

I don't know so much about Roblox. But I don't think it's as monitored.
Keep safe and all that.
You can ask THT to confirm though.


Roblox is moderated

Could u email tht or ask then please cause they've blocked me and my sister





Then how are you on if they blocked tou


i think its OK to share your roblox. You still make games, but a new and exciting different version. Assume that everyone around you has about as much common sense as you do to not share where they live. Besides you can block anyone who is bothering you.