Are we allowed to advertise games we make here?


Can we or naw? Please and thank u for a response
Also play my new game DOT beta release yesterday here's link


Yah, you can talk about anything hopscotch related here!

Welcome to the forum!

Tag me like this: @bluedogmc-official when you need help!


You can but don't make too many topics :wink:

We don't want identical topics so it's easier to find the ones we need


Hello! Welcome to the forum. You have a limited amount of replies today, use them wisely. (I think its about 10). People will probably post topics like the rules of the forum.

Anywho, Im pretty sure you can post your games here. (Yeah.... you can). I suggest you create a topic and post about all your games there. :smiley:


That does not make sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Keyboard keeps glitching Le gah


We are allowed to, yep