Are we all friends? Do we support each other?


On Hopscotch, there is a sort of people called "haters". In real life, there's drama and bullies. But don't let it ruin your life like its trying to ruin mine. My friend called us "enemies" and we hate each other. I think it's sad that she hates me over something super silly. I come here and I feel welcomed. That I know that someone actually cares about me. I cry about things sometimes... Like, I'm in trouble, my friend hates me, sad songs, and not being good enough. A question people often ask is "will anyone notice me?!" Well I probably have :blush:

Is there such thing as a friendship day? Because I wanna make one. Comment ideas! We can make projects, and change our profile pictures to something friend-related!!


I'm sorry about you and your used to be friends. And I think there is a friendship day that is national. But I don't know when that is. Also this isn't really hopscotch related so let's make it hopscotch related!


It's hopscotch related :D

I think this is a great idea, @GracefulIcing1! I'll search for if there's a national friendship day! :D


Friendship day is August 6th!


Thanks! If there is, I reeeeaallly wanna know when! Maybe I can make a random Hopscoctch Friend Day XD

Sorry if this is unrelated @TrevCoding, but I think it is :joy:


Oh yayyyy.... I missed it. Maybe I can make my own because I can't wait that long :joy:


Your welcome! :D


It is I think but I wasn't really sure. And @smishsmash said national friendship day was Aug. 6th


Yeah! I can't wait until next year for another friendship day D:<

:D friendship day should be everyday! :D


Yeah! If only my friend could realize that I wanna apologize but I don't wanna be clawed by her.


Yeah ;-; I hope you guys get to apologize soon :D


This is a great idea, @GracefulIcing1! :D

There's a holiday called the International Day of Peace on September 21! Maybe we can all be extra kind to our friends that day! So it's in about two weeks :D


Greeattttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait another year to have a friendship day ;-;


This is totally off topic but I think you should be leader #smishyforleader :D



@GracefulIcing1 thank uu sooooo much omg ;u;


I'll be your friend if your want! :blush:


Great idea! Whenever I'm sad, people on here cheer me up! You guys are my virtual fam.


This is a great idea! I think everyone should be supported here and irl!


I think everyday could be friendship day :smiley:


True dat @MR.GAM3R!

I'll happily be Frens with anyone and help whenever!