Are these appropriate for the forum?


I know these are censored (I think), but people have been using these without getting in trouble.
Click if you dare




They aren't really bad but I don't think they should be used in a forum.


They are not really appropriate for the forum


These are appropriate for this forum.


No they aren't There might be kids


Cr.ap isn't that bad, but it should be said. Lmao shouldn't be said.  


If you say crap it's not the end of the world. In real life lots of people say it (including me at times). But lmao should not be used based on what it means :wink:


cra.p is totally fine, the other one isn't


No they are not there are little kids on this forum


Crap isn't bad but lmao is


I think there are definitely people do feel that both are not okay... in other communities where I've been too.

The first one is definitely blocked on the forum. I see that some people seem to be okay with it in contexts of everyday life but I guess I tend to lean more towards aiming for more civility :grin:


crap yea thats not even bad

and lmao idk


Being thirteen these don't both me :stuck_out_tongue: but we have to remember there are nine eight and ten year olds on here as well


What's so bad about el mayo?


When you expand out the acronym, there is a word that people might feel is inappropriate



Like so When you see this so I can delete it


the acronym expanded is laughing my *** off


Hey I'm 10. :disappointed: Like I said though, I don't like either of them.


Oh, I don't have anything against ten year olds, I was just saying that we should keep in mind that their are some younger viewers on here :slight_smile:


I don't know, if you mean lmao a different way, you could make it better. a** is a donkey. In the chronicles of Narnia, sometimes they call each other an a**, meaning donkey. And donkey's aren't that smart.

So you could mean 'Laughing my Donkey off'.

But maybe you mean the other way. Then okay, it contains a bad word.

About the word c.r.a.p. oh look it's blocked. So apparently it isn't allowed.

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