Are there multiple hopscotcher in disguise accounts on Hopscotch?



I was wondering if there were multiple hopscotcher in disguise accounts on Hopscotch because I saw that Anonymous had one in his bio. I was just wondering if anyone else had one.


I have one, but it's not on the forum :slight_smile:


@Follow4LikesOfficial said to close all topics that are like this he doesn't want people to find out until he leaves or something


Obviously, yes, and remember to search the forum for the info you need before posting!


But this isn't guessing what his secret account is!


Sorry, My Fault


It's okay! And Happy Pi Day!


I know I just know he has one. I don't know what it is.


I would assume so, since people create accounts for liking, following, and giving shoutouts to people so it doesn't clog their main account. I know I've also seen topics telling people to guess their secret account.


I have two...two on Hopscotch, one on the forum....


I have CollabStation, but that is for collabs, but......


Would you like to collab?


Sure! But what I hate is that when I go to CollabStation, for so,e reason I lose all my drafts.


What should we make? Do you like Percy Jackson, if so we can make a virtual camp half blood. If, not we could try and make Hopscotch in Hopscotch, or a St.Patrick's Day Game!


Ok. Wait. I am making some things. I will tell you when we can collab!