Are there more categories than just help?


Seriously,do I have to stay at the forum of aaaaaa long time so I can get other category expect help,I know I am a newbie but it will be cool to have that.

PS guitar spiral draw is made
It may annoy u though


Welcome to the forum!

There is another category, it's called "Lounge", but it's only available to Regulars and over.


Yes, once you get regular you unlock the lounge.
Also, I shortened your topic name because it was too long.


When you are a regular, you can enter the lounge! It may seem hard to get it, but you will be there in no time!


There are 2 but one you can only get when you become a regular! ^^^^^^^
What they said :3


There are 3 actually :0

There's one more you get when u r a mod and up


What is it called?
Pls tell me what it's called?


Oh, cool! :D I never knew that!

Where there are 2 more common ones :D


Thx for telling me about them**strong text**


It is something like ak_______

I don't know the rest!:slight_smile:


There is actually another: Lounge. It's for regulars. I used to be able to access it, until I got demoted. You have at least 49 more days of visiting the forum until you'll get it.

@Maltese, have you moved our story topic back to help yet?
I got demoted and can't access the lounge anymore.


Wait why were you demoted?


I don't want to talk about it.

But the answer is pretty obvious anyway.


I thought I moved it back yesterday! :0

Let me check. c:


I didn't get notice, maybe the boy did, but thanks anyway! And I'll be mostly dedicated to that summer coding contest, I only started coding this quiz I will enter last night, and it already is so advanced!


Yes, but you only get it when Regular!


And, if you want to know what the lounge is, it´s basically a category only regulars (and higher trust levels) can see.


Welcome to the forum!


Ohh, I get it, that's why I wanna win the contest to get regular.


We're thinking about making more topics because there's more to talk about than just help. Some examples:

"bugs" for bugs in Hopscotch
"help" for help with code
"collab" for finding people to collab with

What do you guys think? Would this be helpful?