Are there any other parents on here?


I've just started viewing the forum, I know hopscotch was design for kids, but to be able to help my 2 kids, I figured I would learn as well. Come to find out it's pretty fun!


Hello! Welcome to forum!
I'm 11 years old and there's a lot of 9-12 years old but there's some adults in here too!
It's awesome that your helping your 2 kids code on hopscotch! :D
Is you need anything just tag me, "@smishsmash" :D and I will try my best to help!


Hello @redrobrun! Welcome to the forum! I am William04GamerA on the forum and on the app! If you need any help, just type @William04GamerA and I will help you! Have fun at the forum!


Welcome to the forum!

Hopscotch and the forum is for all ages!

It's great to see so many people of different ages coming to learn code!


Welcome to the forum!
Yes, there are parents here.
@oio is one, I think!:D


Hello welcome to the forum!

Hopsoctch is for everyone!

I think the fourm was made for everyone to just talk about hopsoctch, but mostly the kids found it.

There is some adults let me find them.

Also, I am a nine year old!


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Hello I'm Sugarcodes on hopscotch
I'm going into 4th grade
I don't know of many but I am sure every body is allowed


Wait, strady is a adult?

Well, we learn somthing new every day!


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, do @deadfr! I'm glad that people from all ages are doing hopscotch! And yes, there are parents in hopscotch! @oio might be one! And I'm 14!


There is

And I forget the other person who's a adult!



Your nor fourteen the other day you said you were eleven.


I said I was 14. I never said I was 11. ._.


Oh, sorry!


It's okay! I'm sorry if I sounded rude with the ._. !


No it's okay!

I am sorry if I sounded rude with the -_-!


It's fine! Let's not talk about it right now though! :wink:


Wat. *Mind blows up

@oio has kids? I... I never knew that...


Welcome to the forum!

I know of two-

oio, who has 5 kids, and Funky63, who has 1(?) kid and 1(?) grandchild.


HOW DO U KNOW DIS​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: