Are there any contests?


I want to know if there are any contests right now that you can earn titles from??
If there are plz comment down below!!


So you want a title too ;)

No, not that I know of right now


Is the regular thing below your name a title to or is it there cause your a regular???
And thanks for liking my project in HS!!


When your a regular you can go to preferences and manually set ur title to regular :D


Can you change your title from regular to something else??


No, you can't. And thanks for the follow btw :wink:


No, you can't :wink:


Last time my contest gave titles

Maybe this time I will give titles again!


Don't think so though. I thought BAS said something about that being the last contest with titles.


If you have a title, can you cjambe your title to Regular and then change it back to your custom title?


I don't think leaders give out titles anymore... Sorry ;-;


nope. that's why o never gave up my tittle


You can enter my contest but unfortunatley you dont get a title, check out the prizes if you are interested. Its called "Trail and Shape Coding Contest"


Yes there is a Game Contest by me!!


Nope, you can't change it back to a custom title


go check out FoodDelivery's contest. The prizes do look good