Are the Servers Down? Again?


I just got on and my wifi is really good so I think the servers are down!

Are they


I think they are! @Fifithefunnyflower


same thing happened to me about 3 minutes ago, I think there's a problem w/ the server too, but these things normally last only 5 minutes or so, so I'm going to check it out again soon


I logged onto my real account not my collab it works on my regular but not on the collab


sometimes the severs can be down for 24 hours


They are back up! We were trying to upgrade the search but something went terribly wrong :frowning:


they wrk now 20202020202


Yeah happened to me about 10-20 mins ago


I think it's solved. Our team is working hard, but sometimes things happen.


Although I can only go on Featured,Trending,Newest and How-Tos?
I'm still confozzeld