Are older projects up to date?


I don’t have access to a computer, but let’s say that you are fixing a project started in July 2017, published as a project in December 2017. Is this project at version 27, the most recent version?

I keep getting a blank screen and I need to stop it, so an up-to-date project would be efficient



You’d have to look at the project’s JSON data to know for sure. That’s because regardless of when the project was started, the project version depends on which app version you had installed at the time.


You can check.

Get the link. The think after the is all you need. Paste it after and add .hopscotch to the end. This will link to the project json.


I have the JSON up, so how do I check the version?
Here is my project, though I unpublished it. All I need to know is where to check version


Who is a good coder that is on now? Anyone, please change the version to ‘27’
Or even tell me how to. I have the JSON file up on my iPad. @CodeHelp


Well, when the project started I had a July 2017 version, though I saved it as a draft just a few weeks ago.


I don’t know how to update your version…


This project appears to be on version 29 according to the JSON.