Are my notifications down AGAIN?




I heard that a long time ago, Hopscotch's servers were overloaded by data, and people stopped getting notifications..?

Or, I'm just really popular, and it turned itself off..?

As you can tell, I'm confused! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is what I see:

I already emailed The Hopscotch Team, and I am waiting for another response.

Do they automatically turn off when you get a ton of likes/follows? (Recently I got 60 likes in a few hours in a row when I published my "I'm Back!" project, so yeah :yum:)




So this has been happening to multiple people..?

When has this happened?


There are other topics about this that say when, and 3 days ago.


3 days ago, logically. Because your notifications stopped 3 days ago and mine did too. Coincidence? I think not.


Really? I thought those were older... Sorry!!! I'll check them now! :sweat_smile:


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Sorry, it's happened to everyone. But don't worry! It will probably be back in no time :wink:


Happening to me to. So annoying.


It's back for me!!!!!!