Are mods/leaders back?


I've been gone but I came back to say hi :D
And I realized that someone other than THT (t1) closed a topic :0
Are mods/leaders back?


no, but t1 was recently hired as an intern and so that is why she got mod powers back


Hired? As in, she works at Hopscotch now? (as an internship)


I don't think so, but Liza explains it some more here


Yes, but they must be over 18 at the moment. They also have more responsibilities, as Liza said in the topic @Fishyguitars showed you. t1 is the only non-THT mod so far. :D


Hi frenapai! @t1_hopscotch is an intern and is a mod.


I wish it wasn't 18+, I would have wanted to be in intern ;-;


Me too... I'd have been a very bad one, tho. t1 is amazing at being a mod n all, tho. Better than I'd be.


Thanks for the link :D


:cry: noo... So many lovely people — I wish people were able to do more too (this is just a starting point so far though :slight_smile: I definitely hope I won't be the only one! I mentioned this to THT too)


Everyone else that has replied to this topic has explained it so I would just say that you should read their posts.
And hi, @Snoopy