Are like/play polls on Hopscotch a good idea?



People use "play for 'no' and like for 'yes'" polls on Hopscotch all the time. This is definitely the easiest way to make polls, but is very problematic. Some Hopscotchers make these polls, but lots of times I notice when they say like for yes, play for no, there are ten likes and over one hundred plays. Sometimes, these polls finalize their decision to leave or stay. (First of all, don't let other people decide that for you, don't give up and just keep going! Code just for fun!) I think some people are just "spam playing" these projects so that the "no" side is heavily outnumbering the number of likes. This probably makes that Hopscotcher feel pretty bad that nobody likes them and "a lot" of people want them to leave. There ARE ups and downs to this type of poll, but what does everyone else think? I say make a free forum account and make a poll there, so the same person can only vote once. (I mean someone could log in and out of multiple accounts, but hopefully it's for the "yes")


I'd say use the forum polls XD


Amazing topic! :D

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My polls are never like that. I did one once... I got a lot of remixes... I couldn't even count them... And that's why I do polls on the forum. :sweat_smile:


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Thanks! I mean I feel kinda bad, because these people actually leave Hospcotch based on these play/like polls. But, I think the real problems are the people who think it's funny to play these projects and it makes it looks like everyone wants that person to leave! :sob::sob::sob:

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It's so sad people do that. I prefer polls on the forum.


Everyone else beat me to it. :pensive:. You should definently use forum polls.


Hey, that's okay @Dude73! Your opinion matters too! And I totally agree.:blush:


I've noticed these too, and I've tried spam-playing projects before. When they refresh, they auto-correct to only one play I believe. So one solid way to make a poll could be to make separate projects for the options and tell to like, because I really doubt people are start spam-account-ing...


THAT IS AN AMAZING IDEA @Fishyguitars!!! Wow... It's really a simple idea, to make to separate projects instead of playing or liking it! Wow... I think I might make polls like that in the future actually! :clap:


Yep, I took the idea from how BFDIA had used videos' likes/dislikes to have simple voting systems.

off topic explanations of BFDIA: BFDIA is a animated YouTube show from years ago that possibly ended mid season :T