Are hopscotch tournaments too full? well come here! ps. its going to be very hard to win


hello again now I am going to get 8 players to go in the worlds hardest hopscotch contest ever! so be prepared


1 : No details? At all? Rules? How does it work? So confused.

2 : Just stop and think. How would you feel if you came up with a great idea, then somebody comes in, copies it, and then makes another thread on it? Please. I asked you not to do this. Try another contest. Something. Anything. Just not direct clones of what UptownStudios and I made.


@Nerd4Ever It's fine to make a new one if you can't join one of the others. :wink:

@benmerritt But credit would be nice :wink: It is great you are following in their wake though, it means they came up with a good idea. :grinning: