Are hopscotch emails allowed anymore? If not why?


I have heard a lot about the emails not being allowed anymore.. why? i thought they were fine since the used the username and not personal information..


Because sometimes random people go on the forum see your email and use your email for something inappropriate or email you something yeah..unless it's not the email you use evrperuday it's okay...


well yea well most are and they use tht with no personal info... but ppl have been saying the non personal arent alowed


Good point! People need emails for Hopscotch stories, etc. Since messaging is disabled, what now? Traveling 500 miles just to collab? (oh btw :stuck_out_tongue:)


What could happen is MAJOR spam emails from people, and they could be dangerous, so email sharing is now prohibited. :wink:


I suppose if you have somebody's email already it's fine? what if we somehow sneaked it into our secret message trick


@Liza I think you should add the mesiging like in discourse!


If you have their email, I think it's okay, but email sharing isn't allowed anymore.
I would ask @Liza.


I don't even have a hopscotch email!:cold_sweat: @liza can you please add the messaging?


Because hackers see your email. Even non-personal emails shouldn't be allowed. It's still personal info!


Well then adults should not be allowed to share emails!


It's okay for them.


I shared my email with my guitar teacher(I don't want to start a fight so yeah)


It's okay to share your email with people you know. Just not on the Internet. Or a place open to everyone.


Yeah I think we should have the messaging then... (Sorry we got in a little fights and I did not like any of your posts I ran out!)


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Very good point! Can't like.


I agree with @tankt2016

I don't have a second email. So I can't collab ;-; i cri

And if I could walk 500 miles then I could walk 500 more :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't have a hopscotch email!! How do you get one??


Use throw away email it's really nice let @justanerd explain it!