Are "General Topics" related to Hopscotch?



So right now I am going to say that at least half of the people who are active on the forum now have a general topic. In my opinion, these are completely clogging up the forum. I do agree that sometimes you will want to ask a forumer something, but I think we should only half 1 topic for that, where you can tag someone if you half a question for someone. Also, general topics can make someone sad if they make one but nobody asks them anything. Leaders are always closing topics that are not related to Hopscotch, and AMA (ask me anything) topics are not. Again, I understand that you want to ask people stuff, but I can barely find anything anymore because there are so many general topics. No offense to anybody who has made one. And I dont want 300 million people replying saying they disagree, so please just vote...

Do you agree with what I have said??

  • Yes, I very much agree!!
  • yah, I guess I agree...
  • No way!! How will we live without General Topics?!?
  • No... I don't completely agree...


Votes are public.

You may reply, but remember:

  • No flame wars
  • You may say why you disagree, but be nice :3
  • No off topic

:smiley::smiley::smiley: Bye...


I think general topics are fine as long as a person doesn't have 2+ Topics and that it's not the biggest thing on the forum, but that we have other stuff too


Yah, I respect what you said. It is especially annoying to me when someone makes a general topic, then nobody responds and so they make another...


I think general topics and AMA's are ok.
Try to be as hopscotch related as you can!

But I dont think you should have more than one. To get people to your topic you can always add the omtl :D
but I respect your opinion too!


I think they're fine as long as they stay as on topic as possible (so they bring it back on topic if people drift) :slight_smile:

Also okay if there's only one. To raise awareness of your own topics, just use the OMTL :wink:


Thank you. Sry, i ran out of likes :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


The point of the OMTL was to have a list of people who want to be tagged :wink:



why did i put my name on that list? XD


People put themselves on the Omtl because they want t be tagged!
Just make sure you use the recent one or people not on it will get annoyed :wink:


Idek lol… you can take it off if you want to :slight_smile:


Lol we're having similar brainwaves on this topic :joy:


Yah im gonna do that now...


Ye :D



Why did I put my name on that list? XD


I disagree.
It's a topic about a hopscotcher.

It's also helpful to the community, and fun! Mods and leaders would close it if they needed to. :0


There clogging up the fourm.... I felt like making a topic but simply.... No one would really care .-.

So I kind of agree?


Meh. I'm in the middle.:wink:


I respect your opinion, but I think general topics are fine. As long as they stay HS related (more or less), they should definitely stay on the forum :3

I do know what you mean though, with the part where you can't find anything else ;D


What if you make new polls? Aren't you only allowed to use one per topic?


One poll? I don't think so…

Besides you can edit in new polls. Or delete the entire poll and start again :wink: