Are collabs allowed anymore?


Hey there guys it's Huggingfluffybear and I have been thinking.

Are collabs allowed anymore?

I mean I guess certain types are allowed like trading drafts but what about the ones where you log in?

Becuase you can make chatrooms in there private, and make inappropriate drafts so is this a new rule as well no collab accounts? This would change HS a ton..

Bye, from the fluffy bear.


I was thinking about this too.
But THT can check at any time, so I think it's okay! :3


Well I am in a collab that you have to log in
But we don't do inappropriate stuff


Well, I guess they could but they don't do it that often when they don't half to.


That's right! If someone reports suspicious behavior, then the Hopscotch team can see it!


But that's just like saying "I am on docs and we don't do inappropriate stuff"

Who knows what could happen.


Drafts are more accessible than, say, docs. We can always report it, so I think it's fine.


I could show you some pictures
Well we do have a place to say about our ideas and why or why not that is good


Yes, but bad things could happen.




What are the bad things
I love debates!
Wait I have to go


People could swear, inappropriate emojis.



That is true
But we never do that


But it could happen, once again just like saying for docs "oh we never do that"

See it doesn't make scence.

It could happen someone could hack or something else.


Collabs, I believe, are still allowed, because the THT is still able to monitor what happens in those accounts.
If someone is hacking/being inappropriate, they are probably able to see and remove the drafts, as well as block the user.
On docs, if someone is being mean, THT can do nothing about it. That's why it's banned.
I've heard nothing so far that collabs are banned, so for now, I wouldn't worry about it :slight_smile:


I don't think collab accounts are very safe and emails aren't allowed so collabs are limited to public draft trading.