Are Chatrooms Good or Bad?



I can't quite put myself on this question... are chatrooms good or bad??

I used to be all against chat rooms, and then I saw a well-known hopscotcher call some people out rudely for making a Warriors Series role play. Not fair at all! And the title was kinda saying that girls chat too much.
(Quoted from Mean People On Hopscotch).

What do you think? Let's take a poll:

  • I like chatrooms!
  • No Harm Done
  • No Comment...
  • Hmm, not that strong an opinion
  • Nah, not really..
  • NO



They're only good if They are collab or about Hopscotch.


One might as well ask wheter real, physical rooms are "good" or "bad". Events of all kinds take place in them.


This question, it doesn't have a direct answer. If you are asked this, you really shouldn't give a Yes or No answer. Why? It's like asking.....

Are cats mean?

Are chartrooms bad?


I've seen people quit because of chatrooms!! Example of a CHATroom: LOL lets talk about boys and hair. Lol!!
Collab Chat:
Hey Gavin Games, wanna have this as the chat for our collab? It can be ____ themed and blah blah blah


I personally are against chat rooms unless they have some decent code in them. When I made projects with just text, I have code drawing or something in the background. I don't think there is a need for life updates and conversations that you can have in person with people on Hopscotch. For example, I don't need to know when you get home from school.


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Okay @seawolfwerehorse. I don't really know what to comment, as I would like your comment, but I ran out of likes again. :yum:


you just answered it... "it depends" :stuck_out_tongue: