Are chat rooms allowed?



Hi! Kuro Games here, and I need your help.
Are chat rooms allowed for clubs? I am starting a club that is called "Galactic Fire Club"

Thank you, and have a lovely day!

-Kuro Games


There is no chat rooms but hopscotch might add chat rooms.


You can start clubs, but they have to be Hopscotch related, and if you want to chat, it also has to be Hopscotch related. Plus, the forum is basically a Chatroom for Hopscotch.


club and collab chatrooms and okay, but public chatrooms and talk-about-personal-life chatrooms aren't really okay


Chat rooms aren't technically against the rules, but I don't support them. You could use the forum instead of making a bunch of projects on Hopscotch with just chat.


Forums and chat rooms two seprate things